For those of you who may be new to me, I’m Myron Bernard. I’m a music career advisor, entrepreneur, and personal development mentor doing my part to help other creatives get results and become successful.

Welcome to my self-discovery series, a personal development platform for me to share my skills and knowledge with other creatives who want to expand their expertise into other income-generating opportunities. Many creatives are brilliant with their talents, yet during this life-changing time, they could use a boost of self-esteem and a positive perspective in order to reinvent their lifestyles. To find a new path or begin to adjust the path they have been on with a new angle to monetize their talents.

Today as music creatives or any other industry positions we find ourselves challenged concerning the outlook of the future and how we adapt ourselves in the post-wake of the Covid era. It’s easy to get stuck when life has given you a pattern-interrupt, overnight. This is what the global health crisis did!

I’ve been there and it can be hard to change how you performed your creative duties over the years. But when everything changes at once for everybody, at some point when the dust settles you have to continue to use your untapped skills to survive.

  • The questions start to arise:
  • How do I proceed?
  • What do I do now with my skills?
  • What is the next step that I should take to expand my growth and create new income opportunities?
  • Will my industry come back to life?

These are some of the questions I believe each one of us have honestly been asking ourselves.
Even if it’s in the little voice in your own mind. So don’t feel alone, because you are not. All over the world, the normal no longer is normal. We must begin to adapt to changes in our lifestyles and communities.

The act of self-discovery can be very powerful when you embrace the opportunity. Like now, for you to take a good look at where you are in life and where you would like to go. Living your dream life is not over, it’s just evolving and transitioning as everything else does in life. There is nothing wrong with change, but we all have to learn to adapt. And now is the time to adapt and look towards a new beginning, a fresh start.

I decided that I would offer a unique set of personal discovery sessions to shake out some of the brilliant ideas that many of you may have been entertaining over the years but never took the time to take them seriously or began taking action to implement. The reality is that now is the time to move forward and not procrastinate any longer. Start developing new opportunities for yourself.

Let me help you to do it! Continued Success

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