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Jewelry designer

Myron is a consummate professional: personable, knowledgeable, and organized. He understands the needs of his clients, providing numerous opportunities to exceed their goals.


Personal Development Mentor

What You’ll Get During This 30 Minute Free Discovery Call

The discovery introduction call gives us the opportunity to see how we can begin the journey of expanding your expertise into a new alternative income model.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Before hopping on the call
Make sure you download the Free Checklist from the confirmation page.
Finding Your Strengths!

What Happens During the Call

Together we will dialogue about your current state of mind and how we can dig deeper to expand your expertise and how to explore new passive income methods, and options that you can create from your ideas.

What Changes After the Call

You have the opportunity to choose the beginner or advance client level. Then we begin to examine your current level of expertise and how we can scale it up into a new side hustle for you to generate passive income.

Word from MYRON

I'm a music career advisor and personal development mentor. My goal is to help you acquire another perspective about your creative abilities. Take time to assess them, take action and expand your reach.  Each step is geared towards developing new income streams from what you love to do, and have a passion to share.

Why I Recommend Having a Free Discovery Call

"Finding a way of creating passive-income is all about looking at what your capabilities are, and what do you really have to offer your audience. Also are you ready to start offering your unique services?" - MB


Art teacher

Myron gave me some great ideas in a 3 hour session to drive new income into my drawing classes that I needed to take online in order to keep my students after the stay at home demands.The interesting part is, I picked up two households of artsy parents who were at home with their kids during the restrictions.


Piano Tuner

After a couple of sessions with Myron I went from being a piano tuner on lock down to teaching younger piano players how to take better care of their acoustic and digital pianos at home for a small fee. Oddly enough a side hustle that I never thought about.


Thrift store manager

I just started with Myron, its been a week. I've learned so much about not waiting for things to open up. For me to create a plan and take action on starting an online thrift shop. I'm in the middle of my idea blueprint. Myron's personal mentoring is great!

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