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Good Character

Good character is defined by your integrity, honesty, and accountability. When you have a good character, you can



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Freedom begins with you

You might be surprised to learn that the biggest obstacle to your personal freedom is right between your


I’m looking forward in helping you expand your new beginning. Together let’s review your hidden talents, and begin to get results fast!

I was introduced to Myron through mutual friends, and regard him as both a friend and a totally dedicated professional that has never failed to come through on each and every task, Myron is a person that gets results and can be relied on at any time to achieve what ever is set before him.

Rob Taylor / Classic Guitars

Working with Myron allows you to develop musical qualities and strengths you never knew you possessed.

Alex Ingles / Entrepreneur

Myron is a true-to-self, hard working and deeply committed Manager and Business Partner who puts together Marketing Strategies that will work BEST for Entrepreneurs, the Indie Artist or Established Artist. His knowledge & expertise are clearly evident in his business strategies. He is a pleasure to do business with!! I have enjoyed a long business relationship with Myron and appreciate all his fine qualities.

Jamie Trent SJ Radio/ Executive

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