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We have come to a stage in life where as creatives it is imperative that we expand on our talents and use our skills of expertise that we have developed on our individual life journey.

Many of your hidden gifts have not been unlocked by you in a manner or recognizable order that you can share those hidden treasures with your audience. 

Let me help you to unleash and acknowledge these treasures for yourself. Doing this allows you to create additional income streams during this historical time of uncertainty while fulfilling your need for creative and personal expansion to express yourself to others.

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"I was frustrated with my lack of progress.. It seemed no matter what I did I was mentally blank, locked in and depress!!

I thought I had hit the wall with my writing abilities.

After a discovery session with Myron I found some new ways to monetize my work, Now the way I view my craft has totally transformed me.
Thanks to Myron.

Anna W.

Songwriter I Copyist

"I called Myron after I purchased a copy of his Fear-Antidote booklet shortly after the lock down started in New York. He helped me understand the fear of branching out was the only thing holding me back.

He suggested that I use my time wisely by doing something proactive, and creating a side-income.
I just wanted to do more with my writing skills. He helped me gain a new prospective about my writing options. Then I got a small rewriting assignment in a week. Love it!

Toby S.

Actor | Screenwriter


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