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Basic: Per-Hour


Free 30 min. included in this package

Value = ($165) 

  • Advance Upgrade 
  • A La Carte Session

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Intensive: 2 Weeks


Free 30 min. included in this package

Value = ($1320)

With upgrade from Beginner level
1st hour included in this package

  • 4 hours per-week
  • Special Bonus  

Please be advised: These are not my normal mentoring rates.

Hurry, things are changing fast, it's time to be the best that you can. Right now. It's time to challenge yourself:

"Myron’s advice and guidance has helped me see that my dreams can be achieved through hard work and attention to details that I would have never seen on my own. He has helped me hone every aspect of my career (performance, business sense, look, stage presence, writing, etc.)


Actor | Singer |Writer

"Myron has been a good friend to me. He has given me encouragement, honest advice and experience in this entertainment industry.
I am motivated by his drive and continue to look up to his dedication for success!


Actor | Singer-Songwriter

MY peace of mind guarantee is

100% COMMITMENT to you!

The Self Discovery Series, I believe will transform your professional and personal view about what you are creating or should be considering as an expansion to your career and expertise skills. Now is the time to discover that you can do more with your life, than you thought possible and especially during this questionable time. 

My Free Introduction 30-minutes session alone, should enlighten you. It should open your mind to give you an indication of what is truly possible, and how a change can spark the creative flame within.  

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be successful. You deserve a new alternative model of opportunities to share your gifts with the world. After we talk, and if you don't feel motivated about the possibilities for yourself. 

I will make sure that you get a free copy of my Invest In You Booklet. ($17 value)

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