Resilience: Short Story

This is an inspirational story to me and I hope after reading it you will feel the same. Having the drive and a take-action attitude can change your future, once you change your perspective and mindset. /M
Let me tell you up front, I am leaving the best part for last.

When I was starting to develop my own ebooks and information products to go along side my mentoring and advisory services I realize that there was so much to learn and that I could not do it on my own. So while continuing on my info-product journey, I reached out to some friends and online entrepreneur mentors who could help me to get better at my new craft.

I have a friend and associate who lives in Fort Washington MD. named CJ, a teacher and marketer who I started to call upon to record some voiceover work for my information products and explainer videos. He has a very distinct vocal tone, and he gets the point across to his students and course development clients.

While trying to learn and expand my skills, I could not wrap my mind around recording the voiceover work. I just could not focus on doing it. There were already too many moving parts with my online product creation.

Now, mind you, I get asked all the time have I ever done voice-overs or thought about being a radio personality? Well, yes to one and no to the other and not in any specific order.

But my friend CJ is good and fast at it and this was just what I needed to finish creating my own brand of information products and mentoring solutions.

To make a long story short; in Feb, I reached out to CJ and ask if he would give me some pointers on creating an online course that I could learn from, and continue on and develop a how to blueprint for my clients so that they could learn how to start their own courses fast?

He said yes, and started to help me with some directives on doing it simple and fast while learning to scale up as I go along.

During one of our training sessions, he mentioned that he had been working with a musician who was very talented. All through he loves music, this is not his strength, but he stated that working with the mindset of brilliant musicians was mine.

He was telling me that this musician wanted to find a way that she could create a course that she could teach and she had an idea that once it was finished she could turn around and sell this course to her classical newbie students.

Now she and CJ, they had been working together for almost 90 days.

So he asks me in return could I dialogue with her on some areas that she was stuck, while trying to move forward. To him, it was such an artist point of view that he was not sure that he could pull out that special type of confidence, the kind that she seem to need. Many times this is a necessary lift that comes with being a musician, singer, or songwriter. Those moments when talent could use that little extra push, this could be anyone for that matter, we all need it sometimes but, the music creatives can be a little different.

So I said yes, I spent a little time with her and a few emails back & forth we cross over the hurdle. Now during this time, what I got from her was that she was determined to create her course(s) and learn some of the technical ends of it.
She was resilient in spending time on her instrument, spending time with CJ, to implement his training, also entertaining a new way of creating a side-hustle for herself.

Putting in the time and effort was just part of the process for her, she understood the need to have a teacher or someone to learn from and she knew some help was needed. A true Ahha moment for her.

Just like so many other singers and musicians in the entertainment community, all her gigs went out the door during the pandimic lockdowns. I don’t know if I mentioned that she plays a wind instrument, a clarinet girl with a classical upbringing. So she was not just out with the rhythm section every night of the week. But she was working all the time and successful at it.

Like for so many others, everything changed overnight once Covid 19 appeared. So to conclude with this short story, I am sharing a screenshot of what happened for her due to resilliance and focus.

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This is not the typical result or case for everyone when you go down a new road to start a new beginning or that you have the desire to create a side-hustle. But when you are resilient and determined to make something happen you can do it! YOU CAN DO IT!